Superior Interior will radically transform your living space by optimizing the placement and arrangement of your personal items. No longer will you have to worry about finding exactly what you need when entering your spaces after Superior Interior has provided its excellent service. Listed below are the variety of services that you can choose from.

Local Services

 Full Service

Starts with a consultation that is a 30 minute in-home project brief. $25 charge to be credited towards project rate


  • $50 – individual
  • $100 – team of 2
  • $150 – team of 3

The Touch Up

For repeat clients wanting an occasional touch-up, we offer a 60-minute refresh of your space.


PACKAGE RATE: $250 for 5 – 60 minute sessions


For clients looking for a few regular household chores to be completed, choose 5 chores for just $50.



If you live in Indianapolis and surrounding area, but prefer to organize on your own, this is the service for you. We can come and advise you on areas you need help with and provide you with an in-depth consult for a single project. We can advise you of the products you need to purchase or buy the items for your project.

All product purchased is subject to approval and budget, and will be billed for reimbursement accordingly.

2 hours of consulting: $100


Rates will include travel and hotel costs. Each trip is quoted specifically based on number of days and travel expenses.Please email us for more information in the contact us section.



We used Georgie to help clean and organize a storage area of ours that by default became a “catch-all”. She worked incredibly efficient and was worth even more than we payed. I highly recommend her services!

– Jonathan E.